Build an Eco-Friendly California Deck

Our ipe decking inventory originates from eco-friendly forests that harvest and cultivate using sustainable forestry practices. We look forward to providing you and your California neighbors ipe deck materials that do not damage the environment. After all, sustainable forest management vastly enhances the health of the rainforest as well as drastically reducing its destruction by fires and protecting it from cattle-ranchers. Ultimately, these eco-friendly forestry practices serve to increase the population of trees in just a few short years.

Green Deck Building & FSC® Wood

We’ve built partnerships with direct importers that have earned their certification from the respected authority in eco-friendly Ipe and green building, the Forest Stewardship Council®. When you order Ipe decking for your California deck, you’re making a stand for responsible and environmentally safe forestry practices. Anytime anyone in California builds using eco-friendly Ipe, the lumber industry gains greater incentive to adopt sustainable forestry practices.

Buy Ipe Decking

Visit our Request a Quote page to order from our California Ipe decking inventory. Whether you’re building a deck, gazebo, dock, or bench, you need durable and resilient material. We also carry all kinds of Ipe decking accessories, and can even create custom pieces to your specifications. And remember, by ordering from us, you are actively saving the rainforest!