California Decks Made With Ipe Decking Will Last

What is Ipe? Why should I use Ipe for my California deck project?

Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is an exotic hardwood that many people throughout the world have used for decking and flooring home renovation projects. Ipe has many other names such as Brazilian Walnut, Ironwood, Amapa, Cortez, and Guayacan polvillo. Like most uncommon terms, Ipe also gets misspelled (e.g. epay, epi, and eepay).

Just ask a professional and they’ll tell you that Ipe is definitely a popular choice among savvy homeowners. Ipe is being used on decks, docks, and more because it’s cheaper and stronger than both composite decking and other hardwoods like teak.

To demonstrate Ipe’s strength, the Janka Hardness Scale is used to measure and compare the overall hardness of woods like Ipe and teak. By penetrating the wood with a small steel ball, the Janka Hardness test revealed that Ipe is 3 times stronger than teak and 8 times harder than redwood. For California residents, this means a deck built with Ipe will stand the test of time, withstanding the elements for over 75 years!

view from a califonria ipe deck

Compared with pressure-treated or composite decking materials, Ipe has some huge advantages. First, it can actually be the cheaper option, especially when you consider that you won't be spending hundreds of dollars on upkeep. Second, it is a healthier choice. Both composites and pressure-treated materials are full of toxic chemicals. And then there’s the afore-mentioned strength of Ipe, which is unbeatable by any other decking option in the world.

Buy Ipe Decking

Buying Ipe decking in California is simple and affordable. What’s more, when you buy Ipe decking from us, you’re also advocating responsible forestry practices. Every piece of Ipe decking we sell is made of 100% natural, eco-friendly materials that are also biodegradable. Contact us today to order or learn more about our premium-grade Ipe decking.