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California Deck Accessories Make Building a Deck Easy

Your California deck plans are nearly finished. You are getting ready to order ipe from our warehouse. When you look at the empty space in your yard, you immediately imagine that your neighbors can't help but say how much they love your deck. California residents who are getting ready to build a deck need to be 110% certain that they have everything in place before the first piece of ipe is cut. As you review your must-have list of ipe decking accessories, you notice that you still need some critical items that will make building your ipe deck both quick and easy.

Decking Tools and Accessories

Ipe Plugs - Ipe plugs are designed to hide screws holes on the deck surface. Our deck plugs are built with premium grade ipe decking. Using these deck plugs means that you will have a smooth and consistent looking deck. These deck plugs are also great for stairs and railings of any size.  

Extreme Ipe Plugs - These deck plugs will void in a screw hole better than anything else on the market. The rings around these deck plugs perform like fish hooks to make sure that the deck plug stays in place. Ultimately, these deck plugs ensure a smooth finish for decades to come.

Deck Fasteners & Hidden Deck Fasteners - We feature the complete line of deck fasteners from the Ipe Clip Company. These deck fasteners are perfect for your California deck because they are simple to use and make building a deck simple & easy. This deck fastening system will ensure that no surface screws show. They will also get rid of harmful nail pops, unattractive screw holes, and stains from screws. They are made from fiberglass and are reinforced for use on 3/4", 1" or thicker material.  Simply put, these are the best hidden deck fasteners on the market today.

The Hardwood Wrench - The perfect deck tool. This self-locking deck board straightening tool is designed to keep in place deck boards while deck fasteners are installed. This deck board straightening tool cam locks into place and offers considerably more bending power than any other deck tool.

Messmers Deck Oil - The industry standard for ipe deck oil. Messmers is an oil-based product that conditions and protects woods such as ipe while also keeping that natural look and appearance.  Professional deck builders in California know that Messmers ipe deck oil provides exceptional penetration, water repellency, and U.V. protection.

Ipe End Sealer - Just like Anchor Seal, our brand of ipe end sealer is perfect for ensuring the overall health of ipe deck boards. This end sealer professionally coats end grain cuts for superior protection.

Torx Drive Screws - These stainless steel screws are made for quickly installing your ipe deck boards for your new California deck.

Buy Ipe

Visit our Request a Quote page to order from our ipe decking inventory if you are building a deck, gazebo, dock, pier, bench, or other home renovation project where durable and resilient material is desired. We can even create custom pieces to your specifications. And remember, we may specialize in ipe decking but we also sell other premium hardwoods such as cumaru, tigerwood, and garapa.

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Our new California Decking showroom and warehouse is being built because of the high amounts of shipments we make to California. Right now we ship from the nearest warehouse in our national distribution network 1-3 times a week. This saves you greatly on the shipping costs. So please call today and we'll ship your deck boards to your California straight to your job site.